Coussin Banc Cotton Nature

From designing your products to coordinating your shipment, we provide support at every stage of the supply chain.

As any product or project is unique, we ensure you 100% tailor-made solutions to meet your requirement. 

Get focused on your sales & collections promotion, we take care of the rest!

Our services

Sourcing Products

Find the product of tomorrow

Thanks to our experience in decoration, and knowledge of local environement, we provide customized selection of product and designs as well as the right panel of  manufacturers for your needs. 


Inspired by the latest trends & techniques (materials, patterns, colors, inspirations), we also offer you twice a year our own trend book & selections of products with high sales potential for future collections.

Product Development

Guarantee a product that meets your specifications

We advise you the right designs, types and quality of materials  as per the technical and financial feasibility of your project.


We follow up  prototypes and samples development to ensure that they 100% meet  your expectations (colors, patterns, quality...)

Negotiating with manufacturers

Optimize your costs

As per your specifications, we select & target the most suitable factories from our network.


We negotiate & put our manufacturers in competition in order to catch the most advantageous prices & conditions (incoterms, payment terms...)

Following-up production

Secure and guarantee your production

Once received your order, we set up with the factory the production schedule and product technical sheet. We confirm back delivery lead time, inspection criteria, product packaging & packing. 


We visit,  take care of production follow up thanks to our team on site. Then, we keep you regularly informed of your order production progress. 

Controling Quality

Ensure a quality product

We organize regular quality checks during the production to ensure that production meets your expectations and is on time.


We also take care of the required packaging development as agreed with your teams.


Optimize your import

Thanks to our partnerships with forwarders, we can negotiate the best prices & set up the optimal organisation until the final delivery.


We also check that all the required documents for both export and import of are in order with the customs authorities.

Organizing your trip in India

You need to visit the suppliers, we  take care of organizing your travel (transportation....) & accommodation on site.